Why CarliswagBlog is the best?

Why CarliswagBlog is the best?

CarliswagBlog speaks

” I was created on the 1st of July 2016 by Steven ‘Rohan’ Malip as a site aimed to focus on Malips thoughts and stuffs, but as things kept rolling, Steven changed his mind and focused on music and musicians, he didn’t make this for any reason other than the fact that, the one  thing that keeps him real company is music ‘MUSIC IS MY LIFE’ that’s what Rohan likes telling me, Steven later hooked up with his bro Emmanuel ‘Mexiz’ Effiong, a positive brother who shares almost similar vibes since then they’ve been rolling together, believe me I’ve given this  two real head ache.

On three occasions I’ve gone down, when I say gone down I mean loss of completely everything, my posts, media files, e.t.c. If I go into details you’ll weep.

Well, Malip and Mexiz created me for just one reason, and  that reason starts with ‘M’ too…. MUSIC…. MMM

So you see, I was created for Music, Music is all I know, Music is me, I’m Music, Music endorse me as it’s no. 1 blog, so if you claim you are a music lover, ‘Baby boo I’m meant for ya’

Sure we focus on the Nigerian music industry, but mehn!! Malip’s 3 coolest artistes on earth are Lil Wayne, Eminem and the rest, he always tells me that ‘CarliswagBlog, you are my stepping stone to becoming a musician’ I wish him his dreams.

So I focus on downloading of both music and music videos in the Nigerian Music industry, I also build on the Nigerian musicians, and also….. The BLACK-american musicians, Steve calls that 9JA-Mericansss… You may call him a racist if you like, after all he Runs in the east(RACE-EAST).

In summary, you can download your 9ja Musics(MP3) and 9ja Music Videos(MP4) get 9ja Musicians Gossip(Gist) and 9ja-Merican news(Oyibo) and small random gists we call 9ja random talks(Amebour)

Now answering the question “Why I’m the best” its simple “I was built on passion”

I love you, always promote me, Thanks a-lot, Contact me HERE for adverts, promotions, corrections e.t.c

Why CarliswagBlog is the best?